You can say “you” to everyone, which helps approaching people without timidity and shyness. This helps to prevent age discrimination.

A ten year old has the same right to take a part in important discussions as forty or hundred year old.

When you are seventy you don’t need to hesitate to join salsa-dancing class. Nobody will be surprised about it. Looking after grand children and knitting is not your only destiny.

Everyone is polite. Arguing and proving someone wrong is rather a sign of bad manners and more embarrassing for person who does it than for person who made a mistake.

People are relaxed, don’t waste much tome to compare with each other and live the way they want to and not the way their neighbours or family would approve.

At the same time people are interested in helping others.

Doing things for charity is part of life and you cannot live here without being involved in some charitable initiative like running, swimming, wearing a Christmas jumper or at least buying things in a charity shop.

Having friends is more important than making good impression. You don’t need to clean your house to invite guests.

There are hundreds of family friendly places to go out. The local pubs are not reserved for local drunks only.

The shops are for the people and not for the shop owners to present themselves in their expensive clothes. Everyone is helpful and friendly. A little mess in the shop is okay – shops are for the people.

People feel free to dress the way they like, without worrying too much about their figure or current fashion. Comfort and individuality is more important than dictated by expert’s elegance. It is much more colourful and inspiring on the streets this way.

You can wear all your shoes, sandals and boots, all year round, as it’s almost never too cold and never too warm.

As it rains a lot, you have a good excuse to leave everything behind on a sunny day, go out and enjoy the nature and the sun. There are no sings restricting access to the lawn so you can have a picnic wherever you please to.

People don’t dress their children in the lace dresses to show off on a Sunday, but in comfy clothes and Wellington boots to explore the nature.

And when is raining – you have good excuse to stay at home reading or doing some Jigsaw puzzles. Once finished you can bring the books and the puzzle to a charity shop, which helps others and helps you to safe space in your house.

Whatever you do, there is always enough time for a cup of tea.